Services Overview

Partners in Restoration

We invest in, design and build ecological restoration projects, allowing our customers to offset their adverse ecological impacts and comply with environmental regulations. We assume responsibility for long-term site management, ensuring that our projects uphold high regulatory standards and are conserved in perpetuity.

Our Focus

We provide comprehensive mitigation solutions for private and public entities that must comply with complex environmental regulations. Our stream bank, wetland and endangered species mitigation credits provide solutions for our customers and the planet.

Our Projects

We build for posterity, ensuring that 5,000 acres of environmental systems are permanently restored and maintained. We turn complex environmental problems into comprehensive mitigation solutions.

Environmental Restoration

Our restoration projects are designed to last hundreds of years. Prioritizing environmental restoration is necessary to preserve our future; restoration conserves the natural world, regenerates the economy, and cultivates a sustainable world for generations to come.

Mitigation and NRD Credits

RestorCap will help permittees with the entire credit purchasing and creation process, and everything that follows— providing turn-key solutions for companies that need to focus on their core business.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield redevelopment programs authorize states, local communities and other stakeholders to clean up, revitalize and restore designated sites. These properties have been abandoned, idled or underused and tend to be located in commercial or industrial areas where redevelopment might be hindered by real or potential environmental contamination. RestorCaps’ services include site discovery and evaluation, site remediation, inspection and adaptation as well as improving site uses.

Ecosystem Management

We recognize the complex challenges, impacts, and interactions that develop over time between systems and people. That’s why we use an integrated approach when managing ecosystems and natural resources.  We promise to determine the best function to achieve sustainability and maximize a site’s full potential for generations to come.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

We work with our customers from start to finish, throughout the compliance timeline. We conduct initial assessments, prepare and submit permit applications, conduct performance test plans, and develop solutions to assure compliance with federal, state and local statutes and regulations.

Environmental Financing

RestorCap invests in market-based financial tools to protect and promote the environment. Environmental assets are a safe, sustainable and profitable way for corporations and businesses to preserve wealth, while prioritizing their commitment to impact investing.

About Our Firm

Since the beginning, RestorCap has prioritized building trust and establishing relationships, which has allowed them to grow from a simple conference-room concept to an established leader in the NRD and mitigation banking world.

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Over the last 15 years, we have successfully restored more than 5,000 acres of wildlife habitat, generating credits and ensuring our clients meet their compensatory mitigation needs.